We have finally gotten around to releasing "Bigger than the Pope." This album was recorded over 7 years in 2 countries, 4 geographic states, 12 mental states, 3 apartments, 2 basements, 1 adobe house and an art school recording studio. Most songs were made up after the record button was pressed. If this album seems schizophrenic, it's probably because it is. Nonetheless, we don't regret one moment.

Wanna Like Hang Out?
Strawberry Ice Cream Team
Buffalo Dodge Neon
Adam is a Western Barkeep
Indian Burial Ground Under the House
Fat and Old
Right Where You're Standing
Sweet Jane
Tick Tacks for Yoshi
Dinosaur Blanket
Dog Wall
Danichka Listen to Me
Something Something Socks
Grumpy Fluffy Hippos
Twittering Tweeter
A Train
Observational Singing
Solo, Han Solo
One More Song for the Road

My Pen is so Good and Fine
Spirit in the Sky
Oregon or Oregon
Oprah is a Communist
Danica Sings a Song About Killing Men
Iceland the Land of Swans
Tracy Never Played with Us
Yuppie Separatists
Dust in the Wind
I Doesn't Eat Power Bars
Kill Owl Theme
Not Smoke on the Water
Adam Bar Mitzvah Boy
That's How I Roll
In New York
Song of Songs in Songs by Songs for Songs...
Hardwood Floors
Come Back from San Francisco
Reggae Danica
I Don't Have AIDS
Hey Adam!
Bunnies All Around
Accent Going Bye Bye
The Octogon War Room
Camp Pontiac
Central Park
Randy Attempts an 80s Song
People on the Street
Raw Food Restaraunt
15 Year Old Girls
Gangster's Road
Yay Monkey!
One More Song for the Plane

The Biker Helmet
Don't Stress Tracy Out
Tracy in the Jungle
All the Hotel has to Offer
Tracy Doesn't Play Jazz Flute
If Tracy was Captain of the Enterprise
Lullaby for the Unborn
Tracy and Eric

Shrivel Shrivel Plants
Bloomberg Gave Me A Beach Ball
Not All Cowboys Are Gay
Wild Ding
San Francisco
My Feet All in Charge
I don't like to smile when I'm holding my bass
Sweet Jane
Untitled (incomplete)
A one minute ode to untitled (incomplete)
Too Many People (incomplete)
Love Song (incomplete)

Swan Song
No Arms
Ballad of the Department Store Girl
Alien Walkin'
Commuter Bus
Rambling for your affection... (a.k.a. the inevitable heartbreak love song)
Ballad of Epic Proportions
This song is nothing special.
A Sixty Second ode to Fourteen Little Ice Cubes in Axl Rose's Drink
The Schnoize Battle Rap
Punk Song
Tuesday on the Ground
Gregory and Adam are robots built by the Soviets.
New Sneakers
End of the World
You Sing. Your Turn.
Lobotomy Factory

First Song
Walkin' Down the Street
A Sixty Second Ode to Canada
The Window Song
I Cut Myself
Internet Song
White Room
You're an Eight
The Erin Song
Really says something about the human condition...
For What it's Worth?
This is a song about my gecko.
The greatest song about chlorophyl ever.
New Age Boogie
Teddy Bears Don't Support Terrorism
The Mall Sucks. Ask Anyone.
Toe Nails
End of the World
Sunshine Jamboree

Intro Song
This Land is Your Land
I Got the Blues
The Sky is Falling
Gregory and Adam
Gonna Take a Shower
Number 7
The Sad Song
Song without a name.
House of the Rising Sun
Purple Haze
Everybody in Khakis
1982 Shoe Song
Rhyme Free
Bear Song
Cows Sing the Moooos
Exacto Knife
Writing Songs (poor transfer)
Bohemian Rhapsody Part 1
Bohemian Rhapsody Part 2
Out of Stuff
Funky Funk Song
Me Gusta Helado
I like the Screaming Trees
This Land is My Land
Secret Song

A 61 Second Ode to Robin Hood, Eyore and Jesus
If I were on the gameshow...
Going to the gameshow...
You Probably Hate Me
New Sneakers
I Play the Guitar
An Obligatory Song About Podiatry
Bunnies Abound

Randy has delusions of grandeur. He likes to think he is leader of Schnoize even though Schnoize is a collective. He did, however, start Schnoize by mistake one summer. Ever since he has been making this invaluable music and giving it away for free.

Danica likes to rock, but more often than not forgets this. Needless to say, she doesn't make it onto many tracks. We are grateful for the few tracks she decides to grace with her presense. One of these days she is going to tune her bass guitar and we will be one step closer to having something akin to a proper rhythm section.

Adam didn't like his original biography and wanted it rewritten. So now we have to think of something new to say about Adam... Yup... So much to say about Adam... We don't even begin to know where to start telling you about our bandmate Adam. Well, you could say about Adam... actually, we're running out of space. Never mind.

Greg is an incessant liar. He is also the most vocally talented member of Schnoize. That, however, is not saying much. Greg's ultimate goal is to develop a substitute for aging. In the meantime he is content pursuing a career in improvised intergalactic DIY folk-rock with funky fresh tendencies.


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